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Recording Music


Your way, your pace

Guitar Lessons

Learn the building blocks and essentials for guitar playing.  Strumming chords, picking notes, and learning a bunch of your favorite songs. Let's rock! All Ages.

Bass Lessons

One of the many great stringed instruments out there is the Bass. It's also a very important piece to any great band.  You will learn the fundamentals to unlocking the awesomeness behind this four string beauty and play that cool song you have always wanted to learn.  All Ages.

Piano Lessons

The most useful instrument and tool for learning all types of music; the piano is a classic choice to start with! You will get your hands moving right away with basic exercises to strengthen the fingers, learn simple methods, and songs. All ages.

Mixer Keys
Mixer Keys

So maybe you have gotten pretty good at learning your instrument and want to record your work. Well, take the next step and learn how create tracks and mix them on your own.  Learn how to use recording software like Logic Pro, Studio One, or Garageband. Just press record and lets get started!

Singer on Stage
Singer on Stage

The human voice is the natural instrument you are given at an early age.  You made sound more or less when you were just born and it becomes the most important device in your existence!  Harnessing the awesome power to sing  can inspire the world and be of great therapy to one's self.  Ready to sing your heart out?!  

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